At the end of the last Century after several years of beating our collective head against the music industry and finally releasing a single to critical acclaim - we were told there was no more money to promote the single or follow it up with the album we were desperate to make - so we called it a day.


At the end of last year after a few false starts we decided that we wanted to write some new songs - resurrect some older songs - record them and finally release the album and also do a few gigs since now we could do this easily without beating our collective head against anything. If we failed - well we would only have ourselves to blame.

This alongside a post on social media asking for the band to reform - which seemed to take on a life of it's own. So it feels like now is the time.


We are writing, rehearsing and recording and have a couple of gigs booked* to try new and old stuff out - we have a case load of old material and hopefully some new material to match it. Once we have finished writing and recording and have stuff to play you we'll let you know.

*See us live:

15th July 2018 - Cornbury Festival

29th July 2018 - Charlbury Riverside Festival