Happy new year!

My oh my, how did it get to be 2019 so quickly? In December 2017 putting Wonderland back together was just an idea between Leigh and Stuart, cooked up behind the scenes of facebook and whatsapp. Then the feelers went out for Martin, Rich and Joal. With Joal declining to dip his toes back in the water we wondered if it would be possible to find a bassist as creative and brilliant and that’s when the universe stepped in and sent us Caroline, (essentially Joal in female form but without the swearing!) and that’s when we knew it was exactly the right time to come back together. At times it’s like Wonderland is an entity itself. Like a cyborg it rebuilds itself with new component parts.

Then we were five again and things moved pretty fast. In January, Martin sprang on us that we would be playing at the Cornbury and Charlbury summer festivals – eek! With a set to rehearse we had no time to work on the new stuff we’d started so out came the back catalogue. We were a hundred types of surprised and overwhelmed (and relieved, if truth be told) to be called ‘highlight of the entire [Cornbury] festival’ by the lovely folks at Nightshift. Once the summer was over, from October - during the handful of weekends we’ve had in the Glasshouse studios in Cumnor - we wrote about ten new songs and continue to write as the ideas flow.

  • Die Tomorrow

  • Big Universe

  • Ghost in My Telephone

  • Apathy

  • When We Were…

  • Bright as Silver

  • Etc, etc

With festival bookings coming in we need to choose our new set and decide what to put on an EP; two old and two new tracks? Four brand new tracks? Or do we put out two EPs – one with four new and one with four old, which could also be bought together as an album? Or should it be five and five, in that case?

We’re thinking that sometime in mid to late spring we might do a Friends and Family ‘invites for guinea pigs only’ gig in Oxford so we can do a live run through of our new material. Watch this space for further info.

2019 – here we go!