Dearest Wonderlanders

2019 - what a smashing year! Two years ago we were hoping to just sneak back onto the scene very much under the radar, with no fuss. Fat chance! Once Martin had booked us onto the festival programmes for Cornbury and Riverside 2018 that was our undercover elephant disguise blown. We’re a bit overwhelmed – in a good way - with how lovely and receptive everyone has been, so thank you for coming to our gigs and welcoming us so warmly back into the fold.

We’re chuffed that you seem to like the new songs – not that we’re feeling any pressure at all to keep up the momentum! Now, with our first Oxford gig of new material in the bag at the Port Mahon (always a scary prospect when you know it’s going to be reviewed) and a follow up gig in the bag at The Bully (that made it all VERY real!), we feel like we’ve taxied onto the runway, ready to take off into 2020. So, here’s what we have loosely planned:

  • Releasing a summer EP of loveliness – an EP of ‘light’, if you will.

  • Playing some festivals.

  • Doing a couple of gigs - somewhere.

  • Writing and rehearsing and having fun being creative and knowing how lucky we are to be making music that people seem to like!

  • Making a video for one of our songs – time permitting.

To paraphrase saint Kate – ‘We just know that something good is gonna happen’.

We hope good things are going to happen for you too. Here’s to a fantabulous 2020 everyone.